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Do I Need An Attorney For My Divorce?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In this issue of our blog, we look at the difficult process of divorce and the role mediation can play. Mediation can simplify the process, leading to a higher level of satisfaction on both sides, while reducing the expense and time to finalize your divorce.

“How much does a divorce cost? How much does a divorce cost in Montana?”

The legal website Nolo published results of a survey showing the average cost of a divorce was $12,900. The median cost (half were higher, half were lower) was $7,500.

Montana expenses for divorce ranked lower than most states, at roughly $6,000, according to the website

“How long does it take for a divorce?”

The Ascent, a publication of the Motley Fool Company, states that the average divorce takes an average of 12 to 18 months to complete.

“What role can Mediation play in a divorce?”

Montanans who choose non-contested divorces can dissolve a marriage through mediation at a fraction of the $6,000 cost, particularly if parties have fewer and simpler contested issues. Mediated divorces also can be completed as quickly as three months, according to the website Mediation Advantage.

At Your Voice Mediation, LLC©, for some (not all) divorces, we can dramatically reduce the expense of dual attorneys and court appearances. Even divorces with complex or sensitive issues can benefit from reduced attorney fees and fewer courtroom appearances, with the help of a mediator.

But more importantly, mediation for a divorce agreement is intended to provide a neutral platform for both parties, to understand the inspirations and motivations of the other party. Ideally such mutual understanding will lead to a consensus for mutually acceptable division of goods, property, finances, and the creation of a sustainable parenting plan, if appropriate.

Don’t just take our word for it:

According to “… mediation will almost certainly be less expensive than collaborative divorce (which involves paying two lawyers rather than splitting the cost of one mediator). That's true even if you hire a private mediator, and even if you consult with a lawyer during the mediation process.”

And finally, from LegalZoom, “[In divorce mediation] the spouses negotiate for what they want. If there's a problem with agreement on a particular issue, a mediator helps resolve it in a way that gains the parties' trust without forcing anyone to “take it or leave it."

If you feel that you, or a friend or a family member, might benefit from divorce mediation, feel free to contact us at Your Voice Mediation© for a no-fee consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

In our next blog: How Montana Facilitates Mediated Divorce

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