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Premarital Mediation Services

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Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Why Couples Should Have a Premarital, or Postmarital Agreement:

  • Safeguard assets and income for children of an earlier marriage.

  • Ensure that certain assets acquired before the relationship remain their own in the event that the relationship ends.

  • Address the following issues:

    • Debt responsibilities

    • Support obligations

    • Real and personal property ownership and/or division if the relationship ends

    • Rights to income 

    • Expense-sharing arrangements​​

  • Couples often enter these agreements in anticipation of divorce in order to expedite the process.

  • They may also be useful in cases where your circumstances change subsequent to the marriage, such as through the creation of a business.

  • Lastly, couples who have run into unanticipated disagreements or issues during their marriages may want to consider resolving them through a postnuptial agreement.

  • These agreements may resolve the areas of conflict and keep the marriage intact.

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