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Your Voice Mediation
for Lasting Solutions

Your Voice Mediation, LLC offers quality conflict and dispute resolution services through mediation. Our goal is to empower our clients to create lasting solutions to their conflicts with each other. Our services are available virtually through online mediation conferences using platforms such as Zoom Meetings or Google Meet. We strive to make mediation as comfortable for you as possible.
Your Voice Mediation offers mediation services to settle many types of disputes including civil, family and eldercare. Visit our Services page to learn more about the types of conflicts we mediate. We will work with your schedule and offer mediation services during the work day as well as in the evening. Book a Free Phone Consultation to learn more about how Your Voice Mediation can help you resolve your conflict.

Mediation is a conflict resolution process that facilitates problem solving in a supportive, positive environment. In our mediation practice at Your Voice Mediation, LLC, our mediators are committed to creating agreements that are not just acceptable to all parties, but also successful and beneficial for all. 

You can learn more about different areas of mediation by visiting our Blog page with posts from our mediator, Michele Davda, CM, CM/F.

We at Your Voice Mediation, LLC offer a comprehensive mediation process that goes beyond just a few mediation sessions. Mediation is preceded by a preliminary consultation, pre-mediation calls and preparation, followed by mediation sessions, and completed by the post-mediation follow-up. All parties are encouraged to work together to reach the best possible resolution to their dispute through the process.

Your Voice Mediation offers consultations and mediations during work and evening hours. Choose a time that works best for you!


"From the first time I spoke to Michele, she gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. I was in a panic trying to find someone at short notice. She went above and beyond to help us. Her services were invaluable to my family. While I hope I never have to be in this situation again, I highly recommend her!"

-- Priscilla R.

"Our mediator did her best to help both myself and my daughter's mother to come to an actual agreement. She was polite and understanding with both parties. She understood her job and I give her a 10/10."

-- Dana M.